Monday, November 11, 2013

Can we exchange our life maybe for a day?

How is it like to be so beautiful? How is it like to be rich? How is it like that you can just get anything in this world?  How is it like to be adore by people around you? How is it like to be someone that can be proud of? How is it like to be love? How is it like to wake up every morning and someone greet you with morning text and you sleep every night knowing that there are someone out there love you unconditionally? 

Can we exchange place for a day?

It's not that i'm happy with mine. I just want to feel that 'extra lucky' maybe for a day. People have their insecurities. At some point, this is my weakness. where i love to stalk pretty girls, that can speak English so well, and can dress up like a gorgeous looking women, and there a very good looking guy standing beside her.  Where i love to see some of my friends who have the opportunity to continued their study in overseas. Travel all around the world. How is it like to be in different countries, living others cultures.  To be loved everyday in life, where everything that you did makes people happy and proud. 
I know every one of us have their own stories. What have you done to achieve that happiness. Some stories are not as we expected. Maybe he/she live a wonderful life, but who know what they have to sacrifice in other to be in that place right. 

Growing one year older in few days. Seeing how much pain and happiness that had showered me in past, and soon to be face in future teach me to hold on to myself every time things get tougher. I've think of suicide. If i die, will anyone cry over it? Will they regret giving me all this pain? Who doesn't?
When things get worst than i ever imagine, i'll explode. I'll cry. Thinking bout suicide. Then i remember i have Allah. All of this came from him. And there's a reason he let me walk through all of this shit. And then i remember i have my friends. Friends that is not just normal friends. They are family to me. And i have grandma. When i go and visit her for the weekend. I just hug her so tight, cry , kiss her on the forehead and things just get better. Because by looking at my eyes, grandma know i'm in pain. 

Things will get better. Not everyday is gonna be rainbow. And not every second gonna be storm. Past, present, future, and everything in between is all written. There's always love. There's always hope. Tears clean things up. Laugh is like sparkle in life. Anger is the fire that burns. Add it up. You get life. So live it with no regret. 

Good night :)

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