Saturday, November 2, 2013

Can anyone buy me this for birthday? Please?

I'm a freak for books. Stop buying because i have no time to lepak at the book store and buy some reading materials, or maybe still waiting for some books sales event. But this book above is must have on my shelf. 
Basically i've read a bit of the content in tumblr, and it's amazing and inspirational. The tittle of the book itself reflect the content of the book. It's not completely about love, it's not a story books either. It's hard to explain. But if you want to feel motivated, and want to cleared your mind about life and love, this is the book. To be exact, you feel so alone even you've been surround with a lot of people. You are lost but at the same time you are searching for something and you are not sure what is it. Is it love? Is it life?  and basically what are you feeling right now but you just can't express it with word. This book is for you. It's for us :)

I want to buy one for myself. The price isn't that expensive. Affordable to buy compared to what I've been waste my money on last month -_- 
But it would be lovely if someone buy this for my birthday *Puppy eyes*
Yah women, dream about it. pfft. 

Wanna read her writings? Here you go !

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