Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Same heart. Can't change it.

I have this heart, for like 22 years now. Have been with me through thick and thin. Travel to a lot of places. Met a lot of peoples. Suffered a lot of heartache.Shared a lot of joy. 

Don't ask me to change, i just can't
Don't ask me to hate you, I'll never do that
Don't ask me to fall for you, cause love is not that easy
Don't push me away, if i choose to stay
Don't hate me because of my insecure
Don't judge me because of my past

Sometimes i fall, even thou there is no one pushing me, i fall hard. I kinda turn into this obsess maniac for a sec. Soon,when i realize it's not even worth it, I'll stop.I'll pick up myself up. But i still fall. Insecurities made it worst. Sometimes, when you talk about it to someone, they just don't get it.

It's your smile, your smell, you being nice and adorable, you being cute and cool, you make jokes even it's not funny.I still wanna laugh. I'll be this childish little girl when i'm with you. I know, you're just being friendly and i'm being,.. me. 
It's just a crush, so no worries. Tak de sape yang tahu :)

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