Thursday, July 25, 2013

She's hurt

She's hurt because of the past,
She cries almost everyday because her heart are just shatterd into pieces,
The tears that came out from her eyes is not only tears, but it's a pain that she hold it for too long,
She got no where to turn to,
She pray everyday and she always redha with what Allah had gave to her,
The tears in her eyes is not a sadness,
But it's to show that she's strong to let the pain go by crying,
I know she does not really meant what she said out loud,
She's just hurt,
The scar are always gonna be there, always.

You're the most strongest women i know in the entire whole wide world. Just a few more years left, i'll do whatever it is to take that pain away. To make tht scars of yours dry. To change that tears to something much worth it to cry for. Soon, it's my turn to make you happy. It's a promise. I always love you, no matter what happen. I'll sacrifice everything for your happiness. For our happiness :')

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TeehaMohd said...

mcm untuk i je.

mcm lah. hehe