Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1000th post :')

So hello. 
I always ask myself, why some people just stop blogging? Is it having a busy life really meant that busy to them. And i have the answer. Totally yes. 
I have been drafting this post for like weeks. the only reason i have time to write right now is because i was staying up late to finish my work and  was wide awake even thou i have to go to work early this morning. 
Terlalu syg nak delete this blog. You know, i might stop blogging. But it's just too much memories in these. I might stop writing one day. Knowing that no one is reading my crap. Plus, i have nothing to write you know. Soon, when i have the money to travel and stuff, i might make a new one. This one is too precious to be deleted. 

So the picture above was my acceptance letter for my internship. 6 month and now i need to like go through for another 5 month and a week more or less. Time will definitely move fast. Weird but truth, i like my work right now. I get to travel a lot. Learn the real thing rather than open those thick brick books and banging my head on it. Study life gonna have to wait i guess. I'm still learning, but this one is priceless. This is where i can search my soul for my future. Do i really want to make it as career? Or just a practical. But still, i like what i'm doing right now. Hard. Tough. Stress. Exhausted. But i like it. Owh, i'm doing audit btw. If you;re and accounting students you might understand why am i saying that it's weird to like audit. Still have like a very long way to go. I haven't even graduate yet. So stuff might change. 

I'm not saying that i won't write anything for few weeks. It's just there is nothing to share. haha. I'm not the fashionista or a traveller. Soon for the traveller. I need to take a break from all of these soon. Detox myself. First thing first! Kumpul duit dulu lahhh! So intern allowance is the answer my friend. haha

Semoga ramadhan kali ni lebih bermakna dan diberkati Allah s.w.t :) 
Jangan pernah berhenti berdoa, ramadhan merupakan bulan yang penuh rahmat, miracles might happen.  

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nasrul bonaz said...

selamat hari raya fatin
smile always :)