Monday, May 20, 2013

Train and Tears

It was the longest ride i ever took traveling back to someplace. 
I was holding it tight, not to spill all the sadness in my eyes. 
I let my laugh and smile hide what i really wanna feel.
I lied to myself.
I have to lied to you.
Just to make you happy. And a part of me is happy for you.
Another half? 
I can't hold it much longer when i get out from your car. 
Stupid songs in my iphone makes me cry like a baby.
Thank god the train was empty. pfft. 
Again, a part of me want you to go.
But actually i want you to just say 'jangan degil, jom makan jugak'
But i can see in you eyes, your anger towards me and my stubbornness.
And at the same time, spark of happiness because you're seeing 'the one'
I'm ready with all the consequences that i'm gonna face after what i said to you.
I never regret doing it, a bit. I put some closure in me. And i'm glad i did it.
I didn't realize it was my second time.  
By that, it was your second rejection than.
But still, we manage to get the awkwardness out and put some love in it. 

'what we have is more priceless'

p/s: I'm gonna start doing what siblings suppose to do to each other. bahahaha 

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