Friday, May 3, 2013

Call me lame

First of all, just wanna to say. I'm at homeeee. The call me lame is that i'm blogging right now using ma phone. Yup, just install the apps on ma phone like few seconds just now. I know. Lameee. But haha, i'm slowly teaching myself to adapt this technology advance that's moving so fast! So now, when i feel to write, i just can do it in my phone. Pfft.

So people are talking about the politic and stuff. It's 'mengundi' season this week. Peoples start to talk about it for the past monthhh. Some are to obsess with it. I'm just gonna scroll it down through my timeline about it. Bukan tak kesah, but tak rasa nak kene obses all about it. You can talk, u must know all about it. But if you kept talking about it all day long, bila dlm kelas pun discussion pun bincang hal politics, and not a single issues other than politics. Kennot tahan jugak -.- i just wish its gonna end fast. Hope lepas minggu ni things went back to normal. Me? Which side? Tak daftar lagi :3

Nak tgk tv, Sebab rasa mcm berkurun tak tgk. Bye

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