Sunday, May 26, 2013

Still haven't graduate yet

Kalau nak kata life degree aku sekarang kat tingkat berapa, rasa dah tingkat 80 dari 100 tingkat lah. Ni bukan naik lift atau escalator punya panjat, ni naik tangga punya. 
Dekat tingkat 100 tu dah bukan sebarang floor, but this is how i imagine it's going to be:

On that 100th floor is going to be a view in DECTAR, where mum, dad and grandma are sitting at the side waiting for my turn to receive my degree scroll. The first in the family to own a degree. I can see ibu, ayah and grandma is crying. Me and a-i'm-not- sure-what inch of heels i'm going to wear, proudly take a small bow and handed that degree to them. It's not mine, it's theirs.

*glass shattered*
Sadly said, i have like a year left till i get to the top floor. pheww. Long way to go. But i'm sure it's just gonna be in a blink of an eye. 

Back to the present, where now i'm still haven't go for my internship yet. *That's one good news i'm going to share later as soon as i get my hand on that offer letter ayah post to the dean on Friday! 
I was just about to get back on my feet after a week of dreadful intestine infection, that's what the dr said. The worst sickness i ever had in my 3 years study in UKM. Imagine that with 4 straight presentation each day everyday since Monday till Wednesday. I haven't slept proper till Thursday! And Alhamdullilah, much love and thanks especially to Harith, Mal, Farhana, Awin for actually being there for me through my sickness. They're my family over here. *cecium* Nak jerit merdeka pun tak rasa semangat patriotik tu because i'm gonna sit for my finals in two weeks. yeay *sorak hambar. Lepas tu rasa cuti 5 hari before intern. yeay *sorak bertambah hambar. Just hope that intern is gonna be fun fun fun. *gurlp

I'm actually half awake right now, cause my head is still spinning and i'm kinda hungry. Yup, i prefer write about it rather than go out and feed myself. Cause i'm lazy liddat. Already start jotting down some schedule how's my study week is gonna be like. Planning not to be at home on this sem study break. Cause home is so not the best place for me to study. just me i guess. -_- Maybe i just hate the idea of me need to travel by bus, and i have to bare the 5 hours of sitting stiffly in the bus while sleeping like a bear. Even that is also tired and bored. So i decide to spend my study break in the library? Yeay or nay? Half in each every part of both.  At least i'm far away from my bed. The one that's haunted when it come to study & exam week. 

kesayangan :') 

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