Sunday, June 2, 2013

Other half

I always wanted to write something for someone. You know, all those love notes and all. I think it's sweet. Where you can randomly write to someone, post cute ugly pictures together.
and guess what, i'm gonna write one for my other half.
Whoever you are, wherever you are.This is for you, this is for us. :')

I always wanted to travel. A backpack with some clothes and my camera. Gonna do it with you. We just go anywhere. Maybe just pick any place once we're at the airport or in the car. Takes a lot of pictures together. I'll take millions pictures of you. I'll go anywhere with you. i will. 

I hope you can sing. Can play a guitar is an extra. I don't mind if you don't have a good voice. Cause i don't have it too. haha. Cause all i want is to hear your voice every second of my life when we're together. I want you to sing for me. And i will sing for you. we gonna sing for each other and never get bored. 

Let's do something adventurous together. We go hiking! We go camping! we go bungee jumping! We go the thing that glide in the air! We go learn how to surf! We go snorkeling!  Gosh, i have tonnes of adventurous things in my bucket list. I wish i can do all of this with someone. And i want to do it with you. 

I love rains! I love stars! Do you? i wish you do. I love sitting under the rain and starlight. I hope one day we have a backyard in our house. With a green carpet grass on it. A patio or something. So sometimes we can just lay down together under the stars! Under the rain! We can snuggle together! We can play in the puddle sometimes. Or we can just sit and fall asleep on the grass.

I love surprises. I hope you do to. Cause i'm gonna make tonnes of surprises for you! I'm gonna do it on your birthdays, on our anniversary, maybe just for fun. I'm gonna make you cry and make you love me more. There're gonna be balloons, flowers, candles, food, food, food. Did i already mention food? I'm gonna do anything that's gonna make you cry like a baby. Better watch out for my unpredictable surprises love.

I want to be silly, i want to be ugly, i might even turn into fat amy *still cute but fat. I want to be able be myself, the-not-a-barbie-kinda-look when i'm in front of you. I want to be able to be with you even i didn't put on my eye liner but still you gonna hold my hand and love me with all of your heart. I want you to be ugly in front of me. Because the uglier you look, the more perfect you are for me. I want to be silly with you. We can take millions of photos us being ugly! Frame it! Put it in our bedroom. haha. I SO REALLY WANT THIS. haha. 

I want us to have our own life. You gonna go do your stuff and i'm gonna do mine. I'm going always be there and support you and you gonna do the same. We gonna plan our life ahead. Make it better. I want you to guide me be a better person. I want us to work our ass out to have a healthy life, happy life together. We're gonna fight. I know we will. But we gonna figure things out okay? Because all of the decision we make is for you, me, us. Yup, us. 

I hope you gonna love me for who i am and all my flawless cause i'll do the same. People have scars, people have bad times, people have anger, people have their bad side. For me, once i said i'm crazily falling for you and i want to spend the rest of my life with you. All of those imperfect will always going to be perfect for me. Might be the reason i fall in love with you. Bare with me though thick and thin. Because you're gonna be half of me. And i can't imagine my life without you. 

For now, this is my notes for you love. I don't really know who you are, what do you like to do, what do you like to eat, what is your fav color, what are your do's and don'ts, doesn't know even what do you look like, your eye color. But soon, i do. 

Can't wait to meet you :') 

Or maybe, i watch to many love movies. pfft.