Thursday, April 25, 2013

UKM Seribu Wajah!!

Nak promote sikit even i know tak ramai orang baca my blog *krik krik krik.

Introducing you guys, SERIBU WAJAH!
It's actually a UKM event organize by the Redaksi crew to collect 1000 faces of UKM to put in into the UKM Magazine. I prefer to call it UKM magazine rather than Majalah Aspirasi because it sound kinda politic. Padahal tak de kaitan pun. All of you guys *UKM student only, need to do is hold to that piece of card just like in the picture below, and make faces just like what i did from my previous post in my blog.  I know, i'm cool liddat :3. Just come down to pusanika and find us sitting around at the small stage. Or better, we will come to you. Korang buat-buat je jalan kat pusan tu. nanti kitaorang panggil. Ktorng tau korang malu punya. kalau ktorng x panggil, korang jalan je banyak kali , buat-buat on phone ke k. Nanti ktorng apporch! Sengius ni! :3 Owh, amik gamba sorang-sorang kay. You wanna have group photos with your friends personal pun boleh. If i'm around, just ask me to take for you guys! 
The bad news about it, today will be the last day this event for UKM branches. This weekend we're going to  our KL branches. Just trying my luck, kalau ada budak KTSN yang baca ni, pleaseeeeee come and join us. please please please please. I really wanna meet all the KTSN's awesome people! \m/ 
So see you guys! Budak UKM Bangi, i'll be waiting for you , remember, we have a photo date! 

:* #cecium for those who came and support us for the past few days.

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