Thursday, April 25, 2013

Emotionally unstable as F

I was about to update this weeks ago. Truly said, i was unstable like hell for the past few weeks. Catching up with classes, assignments, presentation preparations, tutorials, internships issues, people dramas.
 Who doesn't right.
I've drown myself miserably throughout weekends, didn't have enough sleep for the past few days, haven't ate any proper meal. Didn't have the chance to catch up with grandma. Missed watching the new episode of HIMYM, Glee, Hannibal and The Voice. Yup, if my laptop is a Mac, and i have my own external that can keep thousands of files, i might watch more tv series actually. For now, my Mr Acer is at his critical conditions. *bare with me sayang, setahun je lagi. :')

I've been posting stuff like this for the past few post. I really need something fresh. You know, a blog about my vacation to somewhere. Maybe my experience going to Joe Brooks concert 'which eventually i didn't go cause not even one of my friends know him'. Good news about my internships thing might sounds fun. Or maybe some food porn photos me sitting and dining somewhere nice. But nahhhh, for now, this is not going to happen. Dream much women? 

and last but not least. I miss home lately. Talking on the phone and using these WeChat thing connecting me with my fav girls *that include syed, make me miss home so much. Tell me, sapa je tak homesick hoi bila pressure study makin teruk. But i'm glad that i manage to get along with all of this. At the end of the day, all i ever want is to be in bed and snuggle myself to sleep. Waking up feeling like a Beyonce and start my day with this huge faith inside me saying that :

You gonna do well today. You survive yesterday and you gonna make it through today and all the rest of your life.

I know, i'm cool liddat :3

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