Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why so serious?

Just can't understand some people. Where jokes and words might offended them easily. But actually, i must understand, not all people can be okay by words. Words are sometime more sharp than a knife. It hurts much more worst than a cut. I'm the kind of person than can actually see people and understand them in silence. And maybe don't really know the right word to say to them. And once i start to open my mouth lately, i tend to hurt other peoples feelings. And some might thought i'm a stalker or something. Owh gosh. what i have done to myself T.T . I believe sometimes words can be the first impression on a person. I don't really know what to feel. Either guilty or funny? Different people have different perception on this. But still, for me, it's kinda crap. People being nice and some assume it's flirtation. Some people make jokes and some assume it's sarcasm. Maybe a bit, but it's not definitely have the attention on making fun on others or hurt them. Much more worst, stalking? Gosh, i'm not that kind of freak. 

But i guess people are just being people. I'm just being myself. And i guess some people just don't like what they heard even the attention was different. Masuk kelas pengurusan emosi sem ni rasa macam membantu sikit. I guess. 

Kadang-kadang susah kita nak jaga perasaan orang, sebab perasaan sendiri pun tak terjaga. How?

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