Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Out of control

Not sure either this semester will be the toughest, or it was last semester. With the non stop assignments, group projects, video research, searching places for my practical training, belum tambah kerja redaksi, ni kerja GKAP lagi. I might turn into a crazy women soon if i did not start organize my life. Dah tak tahu dah cara mcmana nk organize. I spend almost half of my day sleeping. Letih hoi! InshaaAllah, things will eventually gonna be okay if we have faith in everything that we did in life. Pelan-pelan digest everything. Hidup mana yang tak letih? Kerja mana yang senang? Belajar course apa je yang tak banyak assignment and kerja? Everything was never meant to be so easy for us. Dah cukup besar bukan? Dah cukup matang? Dah boleh fikir kan apa yang penting dan apa yang tidak? 

Maybe all i need is another vacation. 

letih. haih

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