Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Random Thought

 All a girl ever want is to be appreciated, to be treated like a friend, like a little sister, like an enemy and most importantly like a one and only girl in someone life. Where being stupid , being ugly, being childish is fun. Being hopelessly romantic is gonna make a girl or a guy smile unconditionally. 

There's once a girl who used to be in love, crazily, deeply in love. She thought that the guy will be his everything. They lay down on the grass together under the moonlight. Share the same dinner in a plate. Holds hand while one of them is driving. Celebrate birthday in the car. Went for a walk by the beach. Go karaoke and the girl just sat on the couch listening to the guy singing didn't care about the pitch or anything. Cry in the bus. On the phone almost every night and end up the conversation with 'iloveyou & imissyou' 

After years now, she only sits and watch all those romantic gesture in movies, pictures. Deep inside her, she really hope that one day, she can feel again, how is it like to be in love. To share feelings with. To go out on a date. To be with someone that willing to be with her though tick and thin. and this time, the prince charming is going to live with her, happily ever after. Accept her with all the scars that she have in her. Her imperfection. 

She's the kind of girl who never give up on anyone. She's the kind of person who have difficulties on saying no to almost everything. She believe that if she make other people happy, she will always gonna be happy to. She hates hatred, she hates grudge, she hates dramas, she hates fake people, she almost hate life. But she's living in one. She cries some of the night. And the next day she is the one who laugh so hard in front of people. She tries to hide problems from everyone, but sometimes all she need is a little bit of attention and secrets slip out from her mouth. 

All she ever want is to be useful one day. To be happy. To travel. To be a better person. To be fine. 
She's not pretty enough, clever enough, strong enough, perfect enough.
But she will do anything, just to be happy and to make the people her love happy. Even it takes her to hurt herself. Because she has been the worst situation you never imagine. 
Her imperfection, made her perfect. She tried her best everyday waking up in the morning, just to be fine. Not great. Just fine. 

Every girl really looking for is a guy who'll get naked emotionally.
i know, cause i do :)

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