Saturday, March 30, 2013

Adik sayang :)

Before that, meet my favorite girls. Mal in the middle is my best friend, my course mate. But the two girls beside her is the most adorable, wonderful and clever girls you will ever meet.

The best thing joining this programme was not the fact that it was my first time going to Zoo Negara, but it was the time well spend with all these special kids from Anak Yatim Nur Hikmah. And here is what i want to share with you guys about how i felt the whole day being with these cute little fellas. 

Bila kita tak ada duit, bila kita lapar, bila kita rasa nak shopping, bila raya, bila kita homesick, bila kita stress dengan study, bila kita rindu masakan ibu, bila kita sakit, bila kita jatuh. We always know that we have our mum, dad, ummi, mummy, ayah, daddy is going to be by our side. Percayalah, bebel deyorng tu sangat berharga. Kasih sayang meraka tiada harga. Tapi adik-adik comel dan hyper ni dari kecil tak dapat rasa kasih sayang seorang ibu dan ayah mcm kita *nangis pelan-pelan*

I have tonnes of question in my mind the first time i saw these innocent girls, adorable smile.
Deep inside i know, how happy they are at the zoo, how happy they are after getting all the free food and the ride in the zoo, there are this sadness inside them that soon gonna be realized when they're ready enough to know all about it. Tiap-tiap kali mengeluh, fikir balik, we might don't get what we want, what we desire. A car? New phone New handbags? New shoes?Adik-adik ni tak der parents. Kita? Always grateful with whatever you have. Bersyukur :')

Rindu ibu ayah :')

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