Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Waddap yaww

I just can't remember when was the last time i write something here. Nak kata sibuk tu tidak lah macam perdana menteri. Been lazy lately. Busy with classes and stupid craps. Just came back from Indonesia *gonna share some later, and i guess that's all what's happening in my life right now. Maybe the Indonesian trip was the highest point in my life for now. Indonesian people are so cool and so pretty and so handsome. Like seriously. :3 And again, gonna get back to that later. Study been tough for now. Being a third year student was never meant to be as easy. No more notes feeding from lecturer. This year was about student are now the new lecturer and lecturer just sitting around and give marks. Bila kawan-kawan yang present kat depan, kita bukan fokus apa die ajar, tapi fokus muka deyorg yang nervous time present. -_-. Tonnes of cases studies. Full of presentations. Gonna start being a nerd going to the library and start to find extra books for my readings. *i wish. Just like what harith said *coursemate, 'penat lah belajar, i need new experience  tak sabar nak LI'. Just can't wait for my next semester!! LI baby! Still not sure where to apply. Tgk pointer *hela nafas panjang* Gonna list down some medium size audit firm in JB for an early preparation. Serious? auditing? *fingercrossed. 

Generating Knowledge In Accounting Programme 

and i'm officially broke! -_- But Bandung was a heaven on earth to shop. So looking forward to go there again. That time i'm gonna make sure i have my own cash to shop. Lots of them. Unlimited shopping to do. Rumah Mode Bandung , Pasar Baru and their factory outlet are the best place to spend your money at. That will be the review about shopping. But the 'main attention' we did went for this trip was to actually gain new experience being in Indonesia. Especially when we go to some places and universities there. Bak kata dr Noradiva. It was a golden opportunities for us being there. The best memories that i just can't ever forget was being in their university. Or in their case 'universitas' . They greet us with a very warm welcome. We have difficulties in understanding each other language. Even both side do speaks in English, still to actually understand their accent kinda hard. But we manage to be fine about the 'language barrier' . Don't let me start about the food over there. Ya Allah, tiap-tiap hari makan nasi. The only other comfort food that i can have was breakfast at the hotel. Other than that was Nasi Padang and Nasi Sunda. Every day for the pass one week being there. 

Overall, the trip was awesome. And i really looking forward to have my own trip to Indonesia again maybe with friends and family :)

Special thanks to Natra - ketua program merangkap jiran block sebab sudi memilih saya untuk join program awak !!

For now, what's important is just go with the flow. I'm a kind of girl really love to actually make a plan. But sometimes, it doesn't work out that well. Life is such an unpredictable place to be in. I'm more now waiting for a miracle to happen. That i think it's just too impossible right now. So i guess, when the times come, it will happen. What's going to happen? Almost just anything. I just wish that if it's a good thing, i'll be grateful for that. And it's something bad or sad, i'm prepared physically and mentally for it. So come on life, hit me with your best shot :)

For now, nothing much to worry about. Gonna try and stay focus in class for another one and a half year. Focus on graphic stuff and need to absorb the vibe of being a nerd. Seriously, where is my love towards reading -_- My clock shows it's already 3a.m. Need to take a nap for today's class. That will be at 8a.m. Ni mata segar nakharom.

Toodles people. Gonna start writing craps again. I repeat, CRAPS. :) goodbye 

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