Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A productive weekend

It was a last minute plan. The only reason i agreed was because Yat and Lily was going. The activities was that that fun actually. Not the kind of activities that's physically challenge. *konon jeee, tapi satu badan sakit nak mampos balik camp* But the most important lesson i get was tonnes! I have fun! make new friends! make new crush! hahaha. Just my time was well used :)

One of group member shared her problem with me in our group activities. It touched me. Knowing that i'm not the only person that suffers from personal or study problems. People failed, people cried, people move on! Because there's nothing that can help us face our own problem than our self. How hard you cry, even you shared all of you problems to peoples. It's just going to help you feel better. But you make your own action. Either you just want to sit and be sad about it. Or fix it! Do anything that you can. prove to people that even when life was hard on you, you manage to get a good thing out of it.You're not going to be alone even how sad and lonely you're going to feel or going to be!

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