Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm overdoze with assignments and the tense for finals.

To actually nag about the amount of work need to be done before final start? i don't think i don;t have the right to do that. sebabbbbb! perasaan malas tu lagi menebal dari nak buat report yang tak berapa nak banyak. I don't feel the tense of final. All i did was being lazy and lazy and eventually being lazy again and again till the deadline is almost close. nampak teruk sangat an, but tak der lah teruk mana. Just that this semester , the assignment is a bit easy on us. us i mean 'seniors'. Dah nampak sikit malas lecturer nak bagi kerja. ktorng dah besar kot. :3

But the tense for final is almost reaching me bit by bit. Kenape ntah rasa malas ni menebal je. I have the thought to start studying for my final weeks ago. Then when i'm on my study table, or in front of my laptop. *BOOM* perasaan nk study tuk final tu vanish into thin air. blurghh! Then i end up scrolling up and down my twitter, tumblr and fb. Doing absolutely nothing. Mcm orang tak de final. Mcm budak pandai je. Konon paper sem ni senang lah an -_- *die*

But soon, the scary part about exam will hit me soon. sekarang tgh berada ni awangan ag. Settlinga ll the report and presentation. One more week of classes to go. Then Christmas holiday awaits. That'll include my study week. When i said holiday, i really meant it. Heading somewhere with beach with my father side of the family for a family day. Pfft. Just hope that it's worth going. Going to take this holiday as a pre gate away before my final start!

Good day everyone. Good day! :)

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