Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hello people. I know that i have been neglected my blog again. Boo freakin hoo to me -.-' Not even my final year and i'm freaking busy with stuff. Or maybe i'm just too lazy to write. Or again, the same excuse is i don't have anything fun happening to me lately. Boo me again. I just finished sitting for 3 of my mid paper and 1 quiz for my 3rd year study. Tahun 3 dahh? kejap je an :') But haih, i still have like one and a half year. That's include my practical sem. I still have tonnes of work to be done. Fixing my grades before i graduate. That is the only thing i am in life right now. 

I let myself fall. To be in the game again. I feel hurt watching people being happy. Not in the envy kind of ways. The feelings of, why can't be happy like those peoples. Be clever like them. Have a wonderful life like them. Wait, no! I don;t want the life just like what they have. I just want to be happy. Simple, not complex and describe everything that i really want. 


When life treating me bad, i cry and turn to Allah and my friends. Silap sendiri sebab bila senang, lupe dah siapa bagi kebahagiaan. But seems like when i let my heart go, i lost. Lost inside this world of happiness. And soon, not along, just few weeks or month, there i am, sitting in a corner thinking what wrong did i have done to myself. What damage did i done to myself. Why did i listen to my heart, not my brain when making decision. The answer is simple. I just want to be happy.

As simple as that, i let myself makes stupid decision. Let myself hurt so i can actually feel. Not saying that i give up. If i give up now, i'm probably going to be dead because of depression. trust me. With all the pressure. Personal, study, people. the tense can actually burst my brain out from my head. 

Penat, ngeluh macamana pown, life must go on. Like seriously, go on.

SEE THIS? yessss, i need them badly. VACATION.
When i have the money, i should go for a vacation at least once a month! With my own money. I need therapy like right now. Go for a vacation with my best friends. Go shopping with my girls. Just go out and hang out with them. but the first problem when comes to these kind of things is, duit, fulus, money. -.-" Kalau nak harap guna student loan pergi vacay baik lupakan lah. I plans like a lot of things. Like i have the money. haha. If i list down and make a budget. I'm going to eat sand and my notes for the whole semester.

So that's all people. Nothing much to nag. Heading back home tomorrow for a week holidays. Wohoooo, where i'm going to spend my time in front of the tv munching stuff, reput in front of my laptop and just eat all the food i can eat. 

adios amigos. 

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