Friday, November 2, 2012

Loved ones :)

Happy Graduation Abg Hafiz :')

He was more like a sister to me. Yes sister. we share almost everything in life. Deep inside how i wish he was really my brother. Is that i'm the eldest, you know the burden that an eldest need to hold along their life. Having Abg Hafiz a part of my life make it easier a bit. But we get close when you almost finish you study an abg ? :') But one thing i know now. Even we're not real siblings, you will always be my abg and akk sampai bila-bila. Happy Graduation Love :) Good luck for your future! 

Can't wait to see you get married and have a diva babies.Because i can imagine how ur going to raise your kid base from how you treat us as your little sisters and brothers  hahah :D

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