Monday, October 1, 2012


I just feel like a living zombie right now. Like seriously, i prefer lecturer give me more assignments so that  i won't let myself be such a lazy bum too often. I will eventually end up sleeping all day long, feeling suck with my life, feeling hungry all the time and i will end up crying for nothing. Adding up the bored scale , i don't have a roommate, and i have no one to talk to eventually. Sometimes i will talk to my barney or even worst, the wall. I think this is the only problem that i'm facing right now. I just can't think straight when i start to get bored. Last week, i even went out all by myself and do a little bit of shopping and go watch dredd all by myself. I end up buying 3 shirts and a flip flop. So much on do a LITTLE shopping there. If mum knows, she will definitely kill me. Yeee, aku bosan, lepas tu aku jadi lemau, lepas tu aku lapar, lepas tu tiba-tiba rasa nak nangis, lepas makan okay balik. Weird right, but it's just me. Me and my insecurity inside me -.-' 

right now i just wish that Saida,Tina, Dyra dan Syed are close to me right now. I miss you guys like crazy :'( I miss having moment with you guys without faking it, without trying so hard to fit in. 

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Dyra Sarah said...

Babe, I miss you dearly