Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How i see my future

It was nice to actually mingle around with some of the faculty people in a change. Last Saturday, was held an event for the juniors, our new born accounting babies. Truly said, i redeem my false being there on that day because i was never been there for my own orientation last year. I gain something. Like seriously. Learning back all the basic about accounting and the path way of being an accountant in future. I knowwwww i was suppose to know all this shit earlier. Please blame me for not being so concern about my own future -.-" 
Just want to share this one story of a person life that i gain from attending this orientation. A super senior of mine came for a walk by just to give some support and share about her life and her job. She is 27 y/o *but she didn't actually look like one, she look younger*, work as an auditor in one of the Big 4 company that is PwC if i'm not mistaken. Do you know what is the Big 4 company is actually? according to Wikipedia *ehem* 

'The Big Four are the four largest international professional services networks in accountancy and professional services, offering services including Audit, Assurance, Tax, Consulting, Advisory, Actuarial, Corporate Finance and Legal. They handle the vast majority of audits for publicly traded companies as well as many private companies, creating an oligopoly in auditing large companies'

And the Big 4 company are PwC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG
If your a fresh graduated accounting student and you have the chance to actually work with one of these 4 company, you will be fucking rich. Yes baby, kaching kaching. It's a dream for every accounting student to work for these company. I can't remember what is the kakak name, but she is a very lucky girl to have the opportunity to work in PwC. she said that her salary was almost 6k and the bonus that she gets are 7 times her salary. O.o She work for the PwC 3 years after graduating. Now she is not married yet, still living with her parents and now taking her Master in Executive Accounting and last but not least, the dream of all accounting student, she just left one more paper for her ACCA examination. Added up from what i just told you, Petronas is offering her a job as an auditor. Yup, i repeat, petronas. 

And i think, even the slightest bit that i can't be like her. :'( Tapi insyaALLAH, if i don't give up now, at least i'll be graduating with a good pointer. And i actually can have a job after graduating. Not hoping for the big 4 company, at least i have a job from my own study field. Owned a car *cough* Civic *cough*, pay for my own shopping, better! spend it on my family and gahhh, all those thing that all the fresh graduate want to do when they have their own kaching kaching. 

Yang penting, bila aku hulur ijazah kat ibu ayah, deyorang nangis. Dan aku mampu nak balas balik jasa deyorang yang aku tak kan mampu nak balas sehingga lah aku mati


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