Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Things just keep spinning so fast

I always heard about people saying they having the writers block. Or in another word there is no fun thing to write and share anymore.  And i might probably write a 'jiwa kacau' post tonight :/

I have a normal routine activity like normal people have. That is so not fun to write about. Add up with the classes and the after class activities that will be sleeping, staring at my computer all day long, and not to forget eat! Dates? nahhh, single and i prefer go out alone for some self therapy or people like me call it 'shopping'. I used to have the time and the energy and fun to go out alone and go watch movie all by myself, do some shopping and even eat alone at the cafe. Trust me, it was superbly fun. Maybe i'm just to old for that kind of stuff. Maybe lazy is the right reason? 

Badly beg, i need a vacation. Some timeout away from all these books, notes, and being so lemau stuck in my room all day long. I always tweet about going to the beach and just lay down under the sun or maybe stars! sink my feet inside the sand. Just sit and cherish the moment for a second. Should do that sooner or later. Putting it inside my bucket list, to go for a beach vacation alone! But for now, i'm looking forward for a  long vacation with my buddy before they graduating :')

but for now, i have to stuck my face into the assignments, tutorials and people that include with it. That is not an exception i told you. The drama in it. Soooo dramatic -.-" 

It just don't exsist anymore. The feeling to be in love. I'm not telling that i quit. I'm just not in the game anymore. To start finding one, and start over the phrases and all. Too tired to even try. Or maybe i think i'm liking people more than i love them.That feeling when you have crush on anyone. I do have crush.  A few perhaps. hahaha.  I will be like absolutely happy when they chat or tweet me. Somehow not everyday, but still, they make me smile. haha. Sooo tak matang. But for me, it's better this way. No hopes , not heartbreaks :) I just want to have fun and focus something that's more important in life. Sooner or later, that 'soulmate' thing will eventually come. Every girls one the right guy to be in her life forever. For me, i just want an imam that can take care or me till i die. Remind me and make me close to Allah. The perfect imam for me.     I just hope some people get this you know. Understand that some people just give up and waiting for the right people, the right time and the right moment to make it happen. 

Because now ,it's just not my turn yet :)

p/s: I seriously need a time out. Too tired with everything that is happening right now.

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