Thursday, October 18, 2012

Awesomeness overload last weekend :D

Our vacation to Pangkor Island was the best vacation ever together! Alhamdullilah, walaupun ada plan ada yang sangkut-sangkut but semuanya berjalan dengan lancar :) Don't really know how to share with you guys! Too much memories to spill. It was so great and awesome not even words and photos can describe how much fun we have. It's actually a budget vacation, but i spend more than i budget actually. Regardless on me buying stuff that i'm not suppose to buy before the trip actually happens. But still, all the money i spend for the trip, totally worth it!!

Extracting all these photos made me remember back all the moment that we have. the food, the nights, the sea, the beach, the ride Everything.
It's a fun trip and soooo looking forward to have it again next semester. :)


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