Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This is how me and my family rolls for Raya :D

This year, ibu only made me 2 baju kurung. The black jubah that i'm wearing i bought them in Kota Tinggi. Wore it on 1st Syawal and loving it so much. Just the beading is falling out bit by bit. Hope to wear the jubah to class next semester. and looking forward to buy moreeee!

Mum's side on the first day of Syawal! Didn't have the chance to snap photos with dad's side because we went to ayah's kampung on 3rd day of raya. Almost all of my cousins are heading back to their home. Just glad that I've the opportunity to meet them all. And the most important is, dah claim semua duit raya lahhhh :3 In few years, it will be my turn to give back to their children. 2 tahun lagi ye. By that time, no duit raya collection for me. Till then, i should dress a bit childish so i'll get my duit raya. disebabkan dah pakai high heels pergi beraya, my duit raya collection are decreasing people. No good, uhuh! :P 
Tapi tu semua tak penting sebenarnyaaa. the most important is , i get the chance to meet Syawal again this year. I have all my family to celebrate with, to eat ketupat, lemang, lontong, mak's famous smbal kacang, ayam masak merah, rendang lembu, rendang rusa. The good food! yummmm. Alhamdullilah, tahun ni sempat beraya dengan mak lagi *that will be my grandmother :') 

I know things are not actually real as how you see it right now. Through photos. Things can be fake, can be hide, can be photoshop. I just wish that happiness that I've captured stays forever. We are growing older, getting weaker but more mature. But not even the slightest memories that i have in my life now i wish to diminished it. Just remain, safe and sound inside of me :')

I have the most craziest Ayah in the world, most maddest and furious Ibu on the planet, stubborn and sakai adiks in the whole wide world. But they're the people who make my life complete. Who give me the tittle of anak, kakak, granddaughter. I love them. always. Even they're a pain in the ass! 

- Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin Semua - 

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