Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I just miss you. Like i always do

booooo! hahahah :D 

The clock show it's already 3 in the freaking morning. Wrapping up myself for my first final paper this morning. Since like it's been a while i didn't post any JK *jiwa kacau kinda blog. haha. 

Normal unstable hormone happens almost everyday. Lately is about relationship stuff. Not that i have one. pfft. Lucky me if i have a bf that i don't owned one btw. Not saying that happy to be single, is just that i'm glad to be on my own for now. Not saying that i'm jealous or anything when i see my friends in a relationship, worst, happy ever after kind of relationship, i just feel like i miss being in one. It's been a while though. But i;m just glad that i'm not at my worst condition right now. I'm happy. happy enough to eat a lot and be happy about it :)

Stress level are at the highest peak right now. Final exam for my 3rd semester starts this morning at 8.30a.m Starting with Ethics study and International business paper for tomorrow. Forcing my brain to start doing the last min study. Sorry my love, it's kinda habit -.-" Will be back in Johor Darul Awesome on Wednesday. Just dua for the best that things are going to be fine. Not asking more, just i wish i can be tough for my finals and move on with it already in life. Just hope that something good is going to happen to me. Life, will you suprise me with something good perhaps? Make my future September to be better? :')

I just miss you. Doesn't mean that i want you. I just, you know, kinda miss you. I miss your smile, i miss your laugh, i miss talking to you, i miss receiving your text. at times like this, where i sit alone, or when i see people having dinners with their partners, my roommate on skype with her bf, when i see people reading text and have this smile on their face. I miss feeling all that. And all i think about after that is you. I just miss you. like i always do. Nothing more that i can do. Nothing more that i can ask.
I just miss you , that's all :')

- Wish me luck - 

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