Friday, July 20, 2012

The Jakuness in me

I know that i was over reacted just because of this. Tapi the jakuness in me is so clear. Normally when i get into the bus, the most important thing are 'kerusi ni boleh turunkan tak, me want to tido from KL till JB'. *selubung dalam selendang . krohh krohh. Nothing else was important

As you know, budak-budak balik rumah because it's the first day of Ramadhan will be on Saturday. Yeay! So i decide to skip class on Friday and Monday. Screw you lecturer for making the Friday class at 3.30 p.m. Ponteng isnin sbb selasa x der kelas. So what the hell. Let us make ur own holiday!. hahaha. So it has been decide. Like normal usually day if i want to go back home, naik bus, pergi ktm, bla bla bla, beli tiket. and boom! 

abg tiket tu ckp "dik, tiket paling awal pkul 2, ada orang jual balik tiket die, okay x? Larkin kan?'
 le me with excited 'harga tiket sama an abg? okay-okay' 

When i get into the bus, i was like, okayyyy the seat are comfortable enough for me to sleep till i reach JB. Ekh, why is the guy is staring behind the chair? ekh, tv lah tv! my own tv. And i slowly sit down and turn on the switch. IMPRESS was the first word i said in my mind. But actually i did think of the word JAKUN. kesian me. 

So there it is, my own tv, at my own seat, in the freaking bus, on my way back to JB :3

-me jakun- 


.aish. said...

me is jakun too like u.haha..
i penah naik bus nehh! dan,,for sure sgt jakun dan excited je kan time tu..sit die ade button up and down kann.sgt selesaaaa ogeyhh.. but for the first time i tak tido from kl to jb sbb movie dlm tv tu not bad. haha.kbai.

-from jakun to jakun ;p

fatinlullaby said...

haaaaaaaaaaaa. same! I x ley nk tgk sbb headache. Mabuk. So kene tido. Bile die smpai RnR baru i tgk. :3 haha