Saturday, July 21, 2012

With love :*

When we were little, we must have more than 1 friends. The more friends the cooler we are.
But when we get older and get more mature, it's okay to have less friends, because the lesser the better. 
All that matter was, the friends that we have in our life now is the true friends that don't even care about our past, won't mind letting their shoulder to cry over, call us jerk and bitch as if that was nothing, push us in a mud pool and laugh. There're always friends that you wish you would like to grow older with them, be at their wedding in the future, hold their babies. in future i guess :')

 Sesat jalan, pusing-pusing cari jalan balik, and all we did was spending time in the car figuring where we want to go, and that was the quality time we had. In the car, sharing things. That was best friend do the best. Thanks sayang for the time. Saying goodbye to you was a promise that there will be another hye in few weeks! Take care of your heart okay laf :*

- Saida Salim - 

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saidah salim said...

tengs BFF !! lep u muahhh !