Saturday, July 14, 2012

Adrenaline goes high up above the sky!

People have their own favorite beat that they love to plug into their ears. I have some of the latest song in the radio that i would love to share with you guys. I'm more to hearing some fast beat song & also music that more into acoustic version where the rhythm are a bit slow than the original version songs. Type of song that can bring my adrenaline up and put myself another place.  You know where feelings are just tumble around and nothing else matter other than enjoying the moment where the music are stuck into your ears. 

Some few you tube artist that i subscribe just to stay update about their new covers are Boyce Avenue , Corey Gray. Gahhh, they have this beautiful man voice that can make girls melt for it. 

Let's Go by Calvin Harris ft Ne-Yo

Tongue Tied by GroupLove

Princess Of China By Cold Play & Rihanna (acoustic)

Titanium By Sia & David Guetta

-Music have their own way to express feelings that can't be describe by our own voice-

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