Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm in love :3

Just want to make a movie review about The Amazing Spiderman! 
Watched it yesterday with 2 of my buddies Farhana and Harith. And btw, Harith is sort off a movie maniac. After few movies we had watched together, i can say his kinda the best movie buddy i ever have! We like to comment some few scenes while watching. 

We have this criticism attitude while watching spidy yesterday.

  • wey, lama gila jalan cerita die nak tunggu die jadi spiderman
  • My gadddd, hensemnya. sape actor dia 
  • Harith - 'kau tau tak in real life deyorang couple' Me - 'Seriously'
  • weyyy, pak cik mati, mesti matinya. kenape die lepaskan pencuri tu
  • when the uncle died i cried 
  • Lizard? Seriously a lizard?
  • Where's Mary Jane? Lahh, dah Gwen Stacy pulak
  • Harith - 'Gwen Stefani lahh' haha
  • Bapak budak yang die selamatkan lah tuu
  • alaaaaa, bapak Gwen mati. His a hero :'( 
  • Say what? his really going to leave that women? Ending dia sad.
  • Dia tak kan pgg jnji punya.
  • Fana - 'Dia couple tak dgn spiderman tu? ' Me & harith - 'Mestilah, sbb .. *terangkan dialog last masa dia masuk kelas lmbat
It's kinda cliche , Spiderman vs Cicak = Cicakman? 
Seriously? banyak-banyak villain kau amik cicak? 

But whatever it is, best movie eveeeer! Especially the graphic. Seriously i'm impress. 

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