Thursday, June 14, 2012

I shall not give up

Just sitting on my bed. Wait, on the floor. Putting tonnes of reading stuff, law cases and shit, formulas and picture into my not so big brain. Then waiting for the day to squeeze it all out. At the end of the exam week, I've turn into a zombie. This semester exam week are really the worst exam week i ever sat. I thought my fever are getting better, but it's almost a week. My sore throat decide to came for another visit to my body. Who gave you permission to enter !!!! Seriously man, not cool, hitting me when i'm in exam week! T.T 

Last two papers really disappointing me. Don't know what to say. Disappointment to the fullest. Life are getting tougher and tougher. How i wish i could be younger again. I wish i never said 'how i wish i can grow older and have my own life' Exam is no fun! No fun at all. Asking student to take a test. And what? we all studied so hard like we're almost die, then you guys judge us based from our pointer on a piece of paper? That's it? gahhhhh! HAPUSKAN EXAM! *serious face. 

actually, i just feeling really piss off with my last two paper that's all. Plus hungry. I have a week gap before my next 3 straight paper. Then another week of gap for my last paper. Seriously UKM? Y U NO GIVE ME TIME TO ACTUALLY FEEL THE HAPPINESS OF HOLIDAY. is that not enough to kill us with the excellent exam schedule you made? 4 years of study? short semester after two days i finsih my final? 2 days? SERIOUSLY?

air liur dah lekat-lekat dekat screen laptop sbb sakit hati marah-marah. no used! Exam still kene duduk, short sem still kene amik, 4 tahun pengajian kene jugak habiskan. I just nag because i'm tired living this life with no fun and something thrill to feel. Not going to quit. I run far enough. For my own future, being sick, and hurt, and tired is all what i signed for in life. 


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