Saturday, June 16, 2012

feel this.

I’m sure this feeling is mutual. You let your smile glide freely upon your lips; that sudden breeze that rakes pleasantly through your locks; your body weight seems to disappear with every skip you take.. Whole again. As you blink the tiniest stars formed in your vision, your cheeks welcomed wetness; trickling oh so very slowly that you were unaware of it’s presence. Your brows furrow in an instant, confusion reeks your expression as you subconsciously wipe the tears in disbelief. The moment you come to, tears were already cascading, your mind puzzled; in a split second you lost control of every nerve and that weight returns and your vision grows weary and you finally topple down to your knees. The resemblance is uncanny. You are reminded of your achievements, your failures. The long process to get to where you are now, the mountains of effort you have input to reach your dreams. And when you are an inch away from achieving it, you stammer, and take one last look behind your shoulder… wondering if it’s really what you want after all. 

I thought i was the only one who feel like this. There are a lot of people having the same problem. It's just how they put it in words. And i'm weak in that. Can't really good in putting feeling in sentence either. This person where i copied her post have a perfect life. A life that every girl wish for. Perfect family, perfect friends, perfect job, perfect boyf. Pretty and gorgeous too. Like i said, the perfect girl. But seem, she also have the same problem like a normal girl does. 

Problems, heartache, stuff that makes you wanna cry everyday. 
We all are having the same crisis. 
The only thing that make us different is how we react with it. Do we become a monster and start to get mad like a maniac? or we just move on, act like nothing happens? or maybe just hide all those pain deep deep in out heart and sealed it with a fake smile? 
You actually feel that the world doesn't care anymore, that the world are unfair to you. 
They are unfair. To everyone. But it's your life, your the one who make it feel unfair. 
breath in, breath out. Just walk and keep walking. 
You will never know what is waiting for you in future. And the best part is, the decision making is all in your hand.

But somehow, when i make my own decision, i put myself as a second priority and the person i love will be number one. And i think not all decision i make based from that theory don't really makes me happy. But i'm okay. 


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