Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The day has come.

Seriously, in few weeks, i will be graduating from my second year study as an accounting student :O
Seksa dia belum lepas lagi. Exam week has come with full of surprises. Whole bunch of exam question. They don't sound scary, but when sitting inside the exam hall, with the cold of the air conditioner and the environment. it kills -.-"

As usual, all my time schedule are mix up. I studied at night till morning. When the bird are ready to fly and find some worm, that is my time to have some sleep. Wake up, more study before sitting for the examination. Straight after the exam is what i called hibernating. Don't let me start about how i treat my stomach. It keep making sound. -.-" 

Just finish my first paper just now. Worst paper i ever sat! It was a repeat paper, i was on fever, and guess what. I hit my PMS meter immediately after i start writing down my answer on the sheet. Shit tak shit lah an -.-" I spend more time in the toilet than answer one question. Dah jawab pown. I answered better than last time i sat for that paper. Because last time, i didn't actually studied -.-" Sekarang tinggal doa je. 

Bismillahirahmannirahim :)

So whatever it is people. Do your best. Study hard, do hard, fight hard. Who said life will be easy. As we grow older, life was never meant to be easy. Even in study! 

Good luck to all student who are sitting for their final examination. 

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