Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Horeeey? Not yet.

Kinda dusty don't you think. Sorry i neglected you bloggy. 
Surprisingly, people already start spending some quality time at home. I'm stuck here in UKM waiting for my final paper on Thursday. A big F because i have like two days before my short semester starts. I have tonnes of plans in my head. Going for a picnic with my girls and guys. Watch quality tv shows at home. Go to grandma's house and refilling my tummy with good food. But freaking F UKM system for the exam schedule. And now what? No holiday for me and some of my friend. 
Exam are going to end soon. To say that i'm excited it eventually come to an end? hell not. Waiting for the result is more tense than sitting for the paper. That will be like 2 month from now? Malas nak fikir dah. 

Masa sekolah, bila cakap kat ayah, 'ayah! homework dah habis, nak tgk tv, dah habis belajar'. 
He told me this, 'belajar tak kan pernah habis selagi kau belum kerja' 
true fact, true story


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