Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Laf :3

Faqih Zahir. Happy Birthday :)

Sorry i can't gave you anything other than a wish last night. We're separated by distance. Can't buy you chocolate and take you out like you did for mine last year :') Those long talk on the phone, about everything, about our life, about us, it's kinda funny and a bit awkward. But one thing i knew when i was talking to you , the feeling that i don't have with any other guy that i used to be with. That one kind of feelings that i don't need to hurt myself, where i just be my crazy, nagging, and sarcastic person when with you. And the best part is, you never denied anything. All you cared about was, what i said to you, everything was right, even thou sometimes i feel that i was that selfish. 

We have our own world, that we decide not to be like others. I decide not to be the old me when i'm with you. Two years we be friend. Every time things go wrong, eventually you'll be there to fix it. Your different. So thank you, for taking care of my heart. 

So happy birthday again. Wishing you all the best in life. Do good for your future, for us? hahah. Make your old folks proud. Be a better man. Be a better son. Be a better brother. I want you to know, that as long as we're together, we're friends, i will always be there for you. You always said that you want me to happy, so please be happy for me than :)

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