Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This is not my last dinner :)

Mana datang nye lemak kat pipi tu Ya Allah -.-"

Every year, almost at the end of the semester, every college will have this annual dinner held for the student. And yeah right we paid for the dinner. Wajib lah pergi kan. Not like any other years, this year, i'm not performing! But still, i was helping zee little junior on their performance. Quite proud of them :)

The decoration are fabulous! With all the balloons and photo booth. It really looks like a fairy tale. 

The dinner was way better than last year. But sadly said, the food is not quite good. I prefer the last year menu. But still, i ate a lot that night. I sat at two different table :3 sebab meja pertama dapat makan sikit. Haha. Please forgive me and my bad eating disorder. 

And here, i want to congratulate the crew for the awesome job. 
Every each of you had done a very great job! And congratulation to Vasan because of his great job being the ketua pengarah for this year dinner *clapclap! 

memories made, moment cherish, time goes on and one, but every picture taken holds thousand of story that will never fade away through times :')

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