Friday, May 11, 2012

Don't hate a girl that prefer to surrender than fight

I eventually success to force my brain to actually write something after weeks of non productive writings here. To be exact, my laptop was having this some sort of vacation where he decide 'yes, it's a he' to have a swim inside a puddle of mineral water on the table. Wonderful isn't? It is wonderful as the RM 300 that my dad had to paid so they can get 'dry' 

So wasssuuuuuupppppppp

 please, i was so blur thinking what to tell you guys. How suck is it my April was. Don;t start to mention about May. Worst than i thought even is still a long way to meet dear June. Some of my days was accompanies by my closes friends, 'tears' . and there was anger and hatred sitting inside me. Screaming it ways out from my head. I can say that happiness and laughter when for a vacation and not sure when will they come back. Insecurities is always here for me. And i believe every time i go to sleep, those sadness will fade away emotionally. Life is such a drama isn't ? haha.

I've been busying myself with letting myself drown with classes, dance practice, assignment, tutorials and graphic stuff. Normal thing for a student like mua. Photography was now my highest peak of the day. The feel of satisfaction. Lepak dengan budak2 sniper and all the sifu was awesomeeeee!  Last outing for this semester :') And now insyaALLAH, i'm officially know how to used a DSLR properly! :3

*spot me with my drumstick hips. my owh my -.-"

 A friend of mine used to say straight to my face, 'fatin, masalah kau tak kan semua kau nak cerita kat orang'. It still stick so hard inside my head, even every time i see her, i feel like spitting it out on her face. Let's not focus on the 'feelings' part here. Let's talk about life. See, i have the thought of people in this world have their own attitude and how the play roles in their own life. So fuck it if mine was about telling others how i feel. I hate people, and i know a lot of people hate me. I judge, i whole grudge, i choose to surrender than fight when it comes to friendship, i want to change but i feel it's not the time. So let me be me. Because no one stop you from being you. You can't stop people from talking about you behind your back. You can't make all the people in the world love you, care about you. If life decide you to have your own life, crushing your own heart just to be okay. let it be. because sadness will not be forever. happiness too. Ups and down in life is normal. You have no choice than take it. I take it. Even it's hard, i tried :')

Back to the perasaan thingy. Haigooo, women lahh. cannot run away from this kind of topic. Things are not going bad or not even close to be okay. rate in from 1 till 10. I put it on the scale of 5. And happily said, i'm a single young lady whose studying Accounting in UKM, will be graduating in 2 years and have a lazy bum that loves to eat . She's surrounding by a lot of people that some of them tried to make her life turns around, and some just stays there and watch and few of them she can't live without. Enough said that she's just fine :3

Kalau hari-hari fikirkan ape jadi boleh botak kepala. Got to hit the sack now.  i wish in future i have something more interesting to write about. :) till then people. 


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