Wednesday, April 25, 2012

People called me the next prime minister. why owh why?

hewhewhew. meet the new prime minister of the land of awesomeness! 

no way i will be a prime minister one day people. dream high, dream high. -.-" lately I've been struggling to jungle a lot of things in a short time. Like a prime minister. Bold the word 'busy like a prime minister' to be exact. But the different is , they get paid, and i don't.

exam are haunting me. but that was so last week. I have another paper left for tomorrow. It's just a mid exam people, but it felt like freaking final. Not enough sleep, no proper food to eat and so freaking tired because i need to go to class straight after the exam. The worst part of it, EXAM ON WEEKEND? T.T. happily said that is so last week. :) 

dance training is in process. both for the dinner and the UKM competition. I'm so looking forward in this there are some problems aside of it. nahhh, it's normal. Eventually those problems of mine have the solution. I just wish people are a bit excited with all of this. The heat are not there yet i guess. 

owhh, and don't let me start with my graphic work and all. Just can't wait to see my artwork in the magazine. :')

At the end of the day, i will sat on my table and start doing stuff. Studying, graphic-ing , internet-ing *this is not good, and eating. Don't forget all the tired moment in the non aircond class for the whole day. WHY U NO SEJUK CLASSES. ME NO FOCUS! -.-"
Please include the perangai annoying people yang actually end up sucking my day to the zone of doomed!
At some point you have this moment of uncontrollably state of hormone where you want to start hating people, judging people, laugh at people, stalking people, being sad, crazily in love in the moment of fairy tale, being incredibly happy, miserably feel tired, hungry and feel like punching people at the face.  
All of that trap inside me. just imagine. 
So eventually i end up sleeping immediately after class and bangun before magrib. -.-" *malu wey jadi anak dara. 
pfft. but that is what student life are. Take it or leave it people. 

p/s: goyang-goyang badan sambil belajar tax. good day people. GOOD DAY!

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