Friday, April 13, 2012

We rules Langkawi. The 35th Sidang Redaksi Team!

The 35th Sidang Redaksi Crew. Bigger family, happier family :)

Just like we planned, we have our what so we called 'bengkel' lah konon-kononnya in Langkawi. 2nd time experience we can say for some of us. First of all, i have something to say here. I never thought, not even close to think that i will be in this part of people. You know, making the UKM magazine. It's not easy and happily after being with them for the second year, i would like to say this is not even hard also on me. It was like fun doing something that don't need me to actually open a book and revise something. Education thingy. Just want to say that i glad i choose to be in this team. InsyaALLAH, my plan is to stay strong with them until i graduate. 

Back to the Langkawi story, It was AWESOME! but less awesome than last year. :3

So meet mimie. Mua roommate for 5 days! And also my graphic mate.

To make it clear, normally bengkel-bengkel ni is about jalan-jalan. One day of conferencing and all the other day is for holidays #fact. So we went for a boat riding. This year boat riding is a bit boring. Tak seawesome tahun lepas lah. 

Majority my boat mate is all the photography crew, just bayangkan boat ktorng dah mcm paparazi. Pointing the camera like everywhere all the time. 

The view is nice isn't ? Alhamdullilah. Gladly said that i was back in JB when the earth quake happen. :')

Then we head off to the zoo i think. I feel like 5 years old again. Where i was so excited feeding the animal. and so jakun when the animal react back to me. -.-"

This time vacation is a bit awkward actually. Talking to the KTSN crew. They have been with the family since the magazine production start, and on the vacation is the first time we talk to each other. But hey, i'm glad things turn out well. We arrive safely in UKM around 4 in the morning on the 10th of April. And the next day i went back to JB. Happily said, I'M AT HOME ALREADY :')

But i have more story to share. till the next post baby. 

p/s: matilah cuti ni enjoy sakan sampai lupa naik cuti ada lebih kurang 5 paper nak kene sit for mid term. matilahmatilahmatilah T.T

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