Wednesday, April 4, 2012

they called it a bachelorette party

Focus on the most beautiful girl in the picture. The girl who wore the black scarf. Yup, our becoming bride to be. She's getting married! *bunyi kompang dipalu

Clearly said here that i don't really know kak Hani Maldini. The only thing i know about her is she's a UKM alumni taking english study! And suddenly she'es engaged! The first time i met her was on this party. She's so small and cute. And full of awesomeness! Did i mention that she's cute. She's petite! :)

To add the awesomeness, Kak Sherah was there with muaaaaa! 
I love her so much. Enough said :')

Thanks girl for the wonderful time. And Kak Hani Maldini, thanks for the invitation, tapi sorry sangat i can't be there :'(

But the most important thing is, SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU! :)

When will be my turn? Hahaha, not even close to be discuss.

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