Friday, April 13, 2012

Me laf :*

Dear girlfriend, thanks for the awesome sleepover. Thanks for the 3 days of awesomeness. Thanks sebab bawak i makan takoyaki straight for 3 days. Thanks for the late night talk. Thanks for the time we spend to make the cloud and the wall of fame. Even tak jadi mcmcana yang kita nak, but at least we have fun kan? Thanks for the beauty treatment. Thanks for the awesome battleship moment. Gosh, a lot more to thank you my laf :*

If only i can spend a lot more time with you, i wish i have all the time in the world so i can do that. To always be there for you. To be strong for you. To hold you close and make sure that your not alone. I want you to stop making mistake. I don't want you to end up like me. :')

I know it's hard for you right now. Mcm you cakap kat i, we're girlfriend. Always have always be. Even thou we are thousand miles apart, we are close to each other in our heart. *peluk you kuat2.

I love you, no matter what happen, you're still a part of me. And whatever happen, you must know that i will always be beside you. No matter what. 

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES. *nak print gmba kita camwhore, tmpal dalam bilik :')

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