Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pekan Teater UKM

I was not important actually. HAHA, sumbang tenaga just for make up je. I never thought i have the talent to draw on people face :)

on 29th of March, the team send around 25 person for the theater production. They perform a theater called Doktor ke? 

And i'm proud of them. Every each of the crew.

But sadly said, we loose. Maybe like what we expected before they actually perform. It's like a routine. to actually win something for kebudayaan is a total miracle. We have the spirit you know, the effort and all that. We all see it, but maybe the outsider don't feel it like they way we feel it. 
But hey, for me, they did a great job, even thou we didn't see what we get from all the effort, at least we gain something from it, learn something to actually achieve to be in the competition.

So congratulation team, insyaALLAH if ada rezeki, we try again next year. Remember, those trophy and prizes are just the extra point for winning. But the first prize in this competition is experience :)

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