Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Please forgive me

Tipu kalau aku cakap aku tak rindu,  bohong kalau aku cakap aku tak ingat kau, Dusta kalau aku cakap aku tak sakit. 

I've tried, but i can't. If people ask, 'do you still love him'. i'll answered 'no'. But the fact is, i do. I do as if not totally into you , but as if, i miss you. Katalah aku bodoh sebab cakap rindu dekat kau lepas 4 bulan kau buat keputusan kita jadi strangers. Perasaan manusia you, i bukan robot. Blame me, hate me, question me why did i send that text saying that i miss you. You know what, who cares about what you think. The true fact is, i miss you. Badly. I try so hard to connect with you. The only thing i can so if i miss you is go to your fb profile and stares at your default picture for like seconds. Consider the fact that you delete me completely in life. Last night i read all our old conversation in skype. I cried. Entah kenapa dengan kau susah. Susah nak terima kenyataan yang kau memang tak pernah nak aku dalam hidup kau. Aku degil. Mungkin terlalu sayang. Sorry to say, the last person that i fall in love and i wish to fall to again :')

Percayalah, aku dah lepaskan kau. But my heart still deny the fact that i'm over you. 
Don't hate me. I'm just a sensitive and emotional girl who just feel lonely and stuck with her old relationship.
she need time. more than you expect. she's fine. she's doing great in life.
i'm doing great in life

If you still read my blog, forgive me for texting you that i miss you. 
Because i really do. and i miss you every single day of my life. Rewinding back all those memories. Memories where you kiss my head, when you hold my hand while your driving. Remember we ate cupcakes in you car celebrating your birthday? The concert where everything feel perfect for us. 
This was suppose to be my highest point in life being with you. Don't hate me for that. You choose to get rid of it. But i choose to keep it close in my heart. Remembering it every time i miss you. 


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