Thursday, March 29, 2012

i'm over expose with work

Say hello to my twin. She's a bit berisi than me. Especially the face. 
okay, i lied. It's me.

How's your day people? A lot of my friend just finish their last exam paper around this week. Diploma to be exact. Yesterday Syed call me and told me that this morning was his last paper. I can't remember when Tina told me, but i think she only have one paper left. Two of my best buddy finished Diploma with flying colours. I wish i can be on their graduation day. InsyaALLAH.

Like i always nag, i will be stuck in UKM life another 2 years. 2 years people! pfft -.-"
but I'm bless with the rezeki that Allah is giving me. The chance to be a useful person one day. InsyaALLAH. 

Just wanna post a picture on how i spend my weekend!

miss the old team! just glad that we had the chance to perform again together!

My work are piling up. But i blame facebook and twitter. Not to forget all the movies inside my laptop. They keep calling my name. pfft -.-"
I spend my day time going to class, in the afternoon doing those not-helping-me-being-genius-student activities, and at night i spend almost more than 7 hours in the studio designing the magazine. UKM magazine. My job are just the same as last year! But this year is quite easy on me. Because this time, i'm designing with experience :) And fyi, we are going to Langkawi again this semester. 

p/s: going back home tomorrow. Can't wait to spend some short time with Dyra and my family :')

and guys, i have a surprise for you on my next post, or maybe a surprise for me. But i know what is the surprise so it's not called a surprise anymore. But whatever, just can't wait to be at home! 

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