Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just you, me and life

For your information, i still blog. Is just that i'm so lazy to make up words and sentence for you guys. Too tired to think. My work, study and dance practice are sort of my best friend right now.This tittle was in the draft for a long time. Forgive me. 
Owh dear mom, dad and emak. Please, please, please forgive me. Trust me. I so badly want to be at home. Next week perhaps? InsyaALLAH. 

So hello again people, wishing you in good shape and health. To all diploma student, especially my lemau Good luck bebeh. It's your final year. One more step before you hold on to the 'scroll of awesomeness' haha. I mean, your Diploma in Accounting scroll. Can't wait to be there for your graduation baby :*
And to all the degree student, especially to zee ptptn student. Congratulationlah duit dah masuk :3 hew hew hew.

By then, this means unethical behavior of us student to spend the money inappropriately. -.-"

And for me, it had been 2 days for this unethical behavior

Just judge me with the picture and the shopping bag -.-" but still i manage to control myself . Still not proud of that actually. haha

So there goes my day. To be clearly here, i'm so sorry for the lack of post. I don't think people read my blog. But if you guys did. Thank you so much :* even thou it's a piece of crap, you guys still want to read it.
I will be more busy in like 2 weeks from now. with the program getting near and more and more dance practice need to be handle, not to forget the magazine production work. My oh my. How am i going to be okay?

But you know what? the best thing about being busy like a prime minister are i love to hang around with people every day. Not letting myself being lockup in my own 'prison'. My sleeping time is officially sucks. But who cares. This is not home. This is called university life. 3 a.m is the new 8 p.m :D . But whatever it is, i'm happy. at least i try right :') I don't think the heart to heart moment is good for now. I'm so in a good mood after i shop all day long straight for 2 days. 

Leaving you guys in a good hand. Here a good song for you to hear. great voice and his freaking handsome. like seriously :D

till then love :*

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