Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feel the heat people!

Being busy is awesome. But sadly, i don't actually have enough time to pampered myself with enough sleep and proper food. I'm not actually saying that i want this programme to end. But we know, sooner or later, this will come to an end. So for now, i'm enjoying myself being tired. Because it's fun. Hanging around with friends and to be exact, stranger. But those stranger eventually become our friends at the end of the programme right :) 

What am i talking about, what programme. This one - 


There will be a lot of stuff will be happening around 16th till 18th of March. Want to know what will be held there? COME AND JOIN US at Kolej Aminnuddin Baki UKM! *too tired to write zee programme. Later if the poster is out, i'll post it here! 

Officially, this morning is the opening for our programme. For the opening, the FESKAB crew will actually cycle around UKM , And guess what will we do to take people attention?

Wish us good luck for tomorrow! 

p/s: heading off to bed now. Big day awaits me this morning! :*

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