Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So hye

Watsupppppppp. :D

I know i'm ugly and fat. Cannot do anything because i;m the laziest person on earth and i'm so malas nak exercise. But bersyukur sebab masih bernafas :)

To all my degree peeps. How was your holiday so far? I don't feel like my holiday has reach the awesome level. I have the car all by myself for the whole holiday. But i was only allowed to drive around only on work days. I do work on holiday. Being a full time driver and  maid. UNPAID. -.-" 
I spend a lot of my time at grandma's house in Singapore. Because there i have the freedom to do anything and go anywhere. Tapi kalau poket kering pon tak guna. So thank you so much to grandma's banking :D 

I really wish i have tones of picture, awesome picture for you guys can view and have fun reading this post. But i'm so sorry. This is a dull post nagging to the world that i need something fun! bosang tau bosang -.-"
i heard my mum going to bring me and my family for some water adventure thing this week. We'll wait and see then. 

I don't mind for now getting hurt. I don't know, i guess it makes me stronger. Or maybe i'm not that stronger but i act like i am. I have this thing that makes me wanna scream and cry all day long. To make it clear, it's not about relationship or anything. it's about my family. You know when your old enough , your parents always try to find anything that you did wrong. You did things that they ask to and you hope that they see you as a good children. but they only saw you the opposite side. I kinda envy to see parents that are so understanding towards their children even thou their children already 21y/o. But the truth is, the older the person become, they really want their parents to really understand what they've been through. To be there for them

They raise me, they give me life. i know that they have the right to do anything with my life.
But i just need them to understand me. that's all. i never ask more than that. 

tapi aku bersyukur masih ada ibu dan ayah. 
 it's just.....

till then people! enjoy your holiday to the fullest!


musya said...

Hye! singgah sini. :)

fatinlullaby said...

heyho :) tq

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