Friday, February 3, 2012

I would like to transfer may fatty layer to you -.-"

Y R U SO KURUS? -.-" 

The last time we meet was like years ago. Maybe when we was dating each other back then :D 
So meet Muadz. His single btw. And his looking for a new gf. Seriously, if you want to know him, just tell me *he ask me to promote him btw 
He love to make fun of me. And i really don't mind. Because it makes me comfortable. I hate when i go out alone with guy and those moment where both of us are in silent. That will be total awkward. -.-"
thank god that i'm a talkative person.

So thank you for the great evening. :) 

Friends is the best gift that Allah ever gave me in life. Alhamdullilah 

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