Monday, February 20, 2012

New chapter, new beginning

It's been a while i neglecting my blog. But still, i want to keep it working :) But i;m so sorry for not posting up stuff lately. My week had been so busy with meetings and study stuff. Holiday eventually had come to an end like 1 week ago. Balik UKM awal sebab perkampungan. I've join this programme or actually for my ko-k mark. Later i'll tell you what it is. I've assumed that this semester eventually will be a bit hard. Both in study and my social life crisis -.-" Not enough sleep will be my something normal and i will spend more my time with my peeps. This is a good thing. :)

Starting my senior years for the second semester is a bit awesome. Because i get to know people a lot more than i thought. I'm being the so called noisy me and love to sit around and make friends with stranger. That's me. I prefer put myself in a situation that i can voice out my opinion. I would like to be better not be worst for like 2 years before graduating. It's equal to being a good person, achieve good grades and  eventually owned a job so i can slowly help my family. That's the plan that i only have in mind right now. But the process to reach the ' adult environment' just kills me. Or i can say the teenagers environment. With all the fake people mixed up with the awesome friends. Gosh, life would be much suck up and mess up or maybe it turns out just fine eventually. But it's life. We can't set it now and it will eventually happens just like we plan or anything. We just go on with it. 

So dear mum and dad. Thank you for raising me. I have another 2 years before graduating. by the time i have the degree scroll on my hand, dad, stop working so hard, let me take your place now shall we. And mum, don't worry, i'll buy you stuff that you stop yourself from buying because you spend it on us. your children. 

Dear awesome friends. Thank you for creating a new memories in my life so i can cherish it. Because sooner or later, we all will go on in separate ways. But one think i'm assure. memories won't fade away easily. 


this is sort of a festival that is going to to be held on March at my own college in UKM. Kolej Aminuddin Baki. I was assign to be the leader for the cultural part. as it ketua kebudayaan lah. But that's not important. 

there will be awesome event held there.

owh, and see the design above. Quite cool huh. It's our t shirt design for zee programme. And guess what, not only people inside UKM can buy. Outsiders too. So if you're interested. Call the person in charge. Or just comment here for more details. And don't worry, if you're and outsiders to, you can come and join all of our activities! 

First day of class is quite awesome. I take photography course this semester. My high point of day actually. Starting for today's onward. i will be so busy like i will be the next prime minister. WHOA. haha. just joking. till then people. :* 

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