Tuesday, October 18, 2011

KLCC Outing with Aminian's Sniper

Our first outing with the new Aminian's Sniper people. First of all i want to say, welcome and thanks you for being a part of our family :') #clap clap clap. So as you can see behind of us is one of the Malaysian famous architectural buildings. KLCC. Our first outing or we can say that out introduction  outing was held here last Sunday. And alhamdullilah, we get good feedback from the juniors. Compare from the previous event that i ever attend , this was the best outing i ever had. The bonding and relationship had been created form this first outing. I;m glad to still be a part of the team. and insyaALLAH, i want us to stick together, till the ned of our journey in UKM :')

This was our first Aminian's Sniper outing for this semester. Pembukaan dan pengenalan kepada pelajar tahun satu yang menyertai kelab fotografi Kolej Aminuddin Baki. We don't just shoot photos, but we build relationship on the same time. For the bonus, we shoot photos to cherish all our memories together. Because once we get older, when we all look back into these photos, magically, they just stay the same :')
WELCOME TO OUR NEW BABIES FOR AMINIAN'S SNIPER. I wish you guys will stick with us until the end of your year being a UKM students. 

p/s: i enjoy myself yesterday. A lot. And i wish you guys did to. ♥

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why is my face look so freaking awkward. 
sape suruh buat muka mcm tu lagi. -.-"

p/s: thank you for the awesome time Snipers 

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